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Business Ideas Not only forex: futures, private loans, creativity for your money portfolio.

Risk free trading We provide you with a detailed price quote.

Friendly We provide detailed while easy to understand daily reports.

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"Best forex consulting ever! I'd have lost all my money without you. Your consultants followed me step by step, and I appreciate your friendly way to communicate a lot.

I would obviously recommend your great services to anyone. Forex is not a secret for me anymore."

- Our customer's experiences!

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Going crazy trying to manage techniques like "scalping", position trading and hedging? Escador provides you high quality top notch safe consulting for trading forex. Risk safe, valuable services since 1989.

A trader's mission is not to pick what direction a currency pair is going to go and collect your profit. Unfortunately it's not that simple. No skilled forex trader can loose huge amount of money. That's why Escador represents a very safe choice for your investments.

Not only Foreign Exchange

While specialized in trading forex, our skilled and professional consultants can guide you among dozens of investment opportunities such as: peer to peer loans, collective investment schemas, managed funds, either targeting specific geographic regions (e.g. Asia) or specified industry sectors (e.g. I.T, agricolture)

We are 100% aiming for you satisfation

We have great ideas targeted to your success.

We care about your money portfolio.

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